"I have received energy therapy from Constance Au, including massage, craniosacral therapy and reconnective healing.  She is unlike any therapist I have received treatment from.

Dr. Brian Farlinger
Her touch is extraordinary………… there is a feeling of openness, freedom, lightness and gentle coolness.  It feels so nurturing and comforting.

Her amazing openness allows you the space to be yourself and transform in a way that is all you. I have personally experienced significant 'shifts' with her.

Constance is a dedicated and knowledgeable practitioner who truly opens to the client's best interest.  She is the real thing in terms of holistic energy therapy."

- Dr. Brian Farlinger


Constance is an excellent healer!
I hadn't tried reconnective healing before, but was curious to see what it was like! 

During the sessions, which were remote, I felt a strong sensation in my chest and heart, and blue dots behind my eyelids while they were closed.

After the session, Constance called me to see how I was. I found her to be very warm and caring. I related my experiences and she reassured me they were normal and that everyone experiences different things.

After the sessions I felt really happy. I was breathing clear, which was an issue before, synchronicities started occurring, and I felt more spiritual. Previously, I was agnostic in my views of life. Now, after some of the experiences I have encountered since the sessions, I have a new understanding of the universe, spirituality, and my place in it. 

I hope everyone can experience the love and positivity that Constance can spark in people with her healings.

- Danielle C.

"After receiving The Reconnection sessions I had an immediate calmness and sense of being grounded. As time has past their is an inner peace and I feel very centered. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is trying to better connect with their true meaning and direction in life. Thank you Constance, this has had amazing results for me and my future. Love to you."

- Brian P.

Matthew Richards
"Nowadays, many people offer massage and energy-work. Some are good - Some, maybe, not so good. In my experience, having had a number of treatments from Constance, I feel that she is a practitioner of high caliber in this field and that she possesses many special qualities. This is due, I feel, to the "Spirit" she brings to her work.

Constance is person of integrity and this comes through in her practice. For one, you get the feeling that she is truly present during the session and not distracted, "space-out" or giving the impression that she's not putting her all into it because she'd rather be elsewhere.

Constance also has the "hands of a healer". There's a lot of subtle energy in them. But more than that, you feel that she can take her own ego or agenda out of the session - that she can "get out of the way" so to speak - and let the real power and benefits of the given modality come into you.

Most importantly, in all the sessions I had with Constance, I really felt that her intentions with regard to her work were very pure. She truly cares for the well being of her clients. And in my experience, it is this warm, open heart that marks a great practitioner of the healing arts."

- Matthew Richards

Constance is an amazing intuitive healer. I had my first massage with her quite some time ago now & I was hooked ! Her massages & healing treatments really work on a physical level but also on a deeper subconscious level as well. She really helped me to release a lot of subconscious fears that had manifested in my physical body. I am so blessed that she is a part of my soul's journey ! Thank you Constance for being you & helping others to be themselves too !!

- Jaipreet C.
Valerie A.

"When I was a volunteer at Hollyhock, I decided this was a good time to indulge in some much-needed self care.  I booked one session with Constance, and I was hooked!  I have done reflexology, thai massage, regular massage, and craniosacral therapy with her.  The combination of her techniques and intuitive expertise I am sure has helped me become more grounded and optimistic about life despite my circumstances not really being different!  Wherever Constance is working from, you should see her!  It is worth the traveling and she is a gentle and caring person that you should experience."

- Valerie A.


Constance is a magnificent gem! A true healer, she facilitates such a feeling of expansive energy, unwinding of the body with her skillful, intuitive and loving touch; reconnecting me to an overall state of peace and freedom. Impressed and humbled by the profound level of attention, and commitment from our first session, over a decade ago, Constance is my go to expert for wellness healing (tune-ups) breakthrough alignments and support; keeping me on top of my game. An exceptional experience, every time.

- Janice S.

"Constance is my divine healing hands savior. Her energy healing skills comes through in her massages and makes it a complete experience! Blissful!"

- Isabela S.


"I recently had the pleasure of trying an energy healing session with Constance and I was very pleased with the experience. She was very professional and as it was my first time with energy work, she made sure to answer any questions that arose preceding and during the session. I was surprised by how strong my physical and emotional reactions were to certain trouble spots in my body during the energy work. It was a truly unique and beneficial and experience, one I would definitely recommend and like to experience again."

- Sean B.


"I just had my first massage with Constance yesterday . I left feeling more relaxed than I have been in years- like I had just woken up from a wonderful sleep. Her healing touch couldn’t have come at a better time! Gone are the dull aches in my neck and shoulders and the sharp unpredictable pain I was getting in my lower back. Today my sense of relaxation has stayed but I have more energy and no discomfort. Her space was very welcoming , peaceful , and she is professional and talented as a massage therapist. She has found a repeat customer and I plan on recommending Constance to all of my friends."

- Alicia T.


"I didn't have much experience in receiving massage in the past, so I was excited to try it out. 

I really enjoyed the session, Constance did a really good job on making me feel comfortable and relaxed, both mentally and physically.  Her massage is very soft and gentle, but strong enough to relieve my muscle tension and stiffness.  I was also fascinated by the hot stone therapy, it made me feel very comfortable and I gradually fell asleep during the session. 

It was a fun and warm session, I would definitely try it again in the future, thank you Constance! =)"

- Peggy N.


"Excellent hands. I felt instantly at ease from the first touch! Great rhythm and energy."

- Braden K.

"Constance provided one of the most unique treatments that I have encountered, and it was very effective. Her pace is very methodical yet constant, and she displayed pinpoint accuracy in addressing some of my many issues. She also displayed a range of techniques and applied them effectively. The skin rolling was particularly effective. Thanks!"

- John P.