Distance Sessions

Thanks to the internet and globalization, healing sessions can be easily set up and take place in real time, no matter where you are located.

In order to assist more people, I am offering my service in distance transformational energy sessions- Distance Reconnective Healing

It works just as well as in-person, and sometimes the experience can be far more powerful for some people.

It is healing on ALL levels, especially if you are willing to make a shift in your life. Great for people who are going through a crisis, stuck, caught up in old patterns, or wanting to accelerate on their path. Effects could be evident right away or take place over a period of time, depending on the individual. Things might or might not show up as what you originally envisioned but could be a bigger gift than you ever imagined.

Take charge of your life and give yourself the gift of stepping into who you really are. This powerful work is for those who are ready and feel called to receive. You may also request this for your loved ones as well.

We can schedule a time, when you can find a quiet and comfortable place where you would not be disturbed. During your session, you might drift off a little but notice what you notice. Be as open to experiencing 'nothing' as you are to experiencing 'something'. When the session is over, I will call you or message you through social media or skype for debriefing. Good to be hydrated before and after the session.

If you are unsure if this kind of work is for you, a suggestion is to read the book, "The Reconnection:Heal Others, Heal Yourself" written by Dr. Eric Pearl to see if it resonates with you. 
Or you are welcomed to contact me for a FREE 10 minute phone consultation.
(Please email with your contact phone number and best time to reach you.)

Distance session rate: $90

Payment can be made prior to session through paypal.

Testimonial :

Constance is an excellent healer!

I hadn't tried reconnective healing before, but was curious to see what it was like! 

During the sessions, which were remote, I felt a strong sensation in my chest and heart, and blue dots behind my eyelids while they were closed.

After the session, Constance called me to see how I was. I found her to be very warm and caring. I related my experiences and she reassured me they were normal and that everyone experiences different things.

After the sessions I felt really happy. I was breathing clear, which was an issue before, synchronicities started occurring, and I felt more spiritual. Previously, I was agnostic in my views of life. Now, after some of the experiences I have encountered since the sessions, I have a new understanding of the universe, spirituality, and my place in it. 

I hope everyone can experience the love and positivity that Constance can spark in people with her healings.

- Danielle C.