I have been involved in the world of healing, energy work, health, yoga, meditation and personal consciousness development for over a decade. After spending years in art and design, I then found myself working in the health industry. I eventually figured out a way to integrate my creativity and interest in body/ mind healing by exploring the art of massage and healing.

I felt aligned with this chosen path as I have a natural talent for it. After my training in a spa therapy program at Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage, I dove deeply and fully into massage and bodywork for a few years. I gained extensive experience through various environments including spas, high end hotels, wellness centre, retreat centre, 5-star resort and heliski lodge.

Currently, my focus has shifted to Reconnective Healing®, Craniosacral Therapy and Somatoemotional Release. I enjoy working deeply and touching the core with a sense of effortlessness. Less is more, and more than one would ever imagined.

Through Reconnective Healing®, a comprehensive spectrum of frequencies, people experience and move towards becoming the fullness of themselves. My work is simply allowing and noticing the frequencies with my hands off the body, which healing occurs on all levels- emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. There is a higher intelligence at work in this new energy and can be life changing for some. 

With Craniosacral Therapy/ Somatoemotional Release, I allow the body to create more space from within and hold space for whatever it needs as its intelligence knows best. From physical realignment to meeting eye to eye with deep unresolved traumas, it is fascinating work that weaves science and spirituality. Healing is achieved by witnessing and facilitating different kinds of body communications with undivided attention.

I enjoy the art of hands-on massage and bodywork. I bring an attentive, intuitive, flowing, nurturing and loving touch to my sessions. I tune into the body and utilize various techniques that are most appropriate for the receiver. From deep tissue to pressure points to long flowing strokes, my touch can transport the receiver to whatever level of healing one needs at the time.

May all beings be well, joyful, at peace, liberated from illusions and suffering, be kind to others, find their hearts deepest desires, and tap into their limitless potential.

- Constance


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