Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Most people I have talked to have had big changes, crisis or turbulent times during the recent years. Are you one of them too? 

There is no doubt that the earth is changing big time as we can see it globally in weather and nature. I just read an article this morning about the Inuit elders informing NASA that "the sky has changed." The sun doesn't set at the same place anymore, and airplanes have to recalibrate their runways since the magnetic north has moved. That also affects how the wind blows, weather, animal migration, etc. The earth has seriously shifted! So since we are all connected, especially to the ground that we reside on, we are all surely affected somehow, internally and externally. It can feel very unsettling yet exciting at the same time with so much unknown and upheavals.

I am always reevaluating, reinventing and confirming myself in my work and service for humanity. I believe what people need these days is INTEGRATION. Many people are becoming more conscious, whole and "themselves" as they go through a series of expansion and contraction. My gift is to hold compassionate and non-judgemental space for others. It is an art of transformation, integration and liberation to come into your true being.

YOU are the secret ingredient to all your deepest desires in life. That bigger YOU (God, consciousness, love, etc.) is the only thing that is constant. It somehow seems to come through more when things get shaken up or in complete stillness...

Happy seeking/ being :)

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