Thursday, September 18, 2014

Another new beginning

As I follow where life takes me, I am returning to Vancouver at the end of September.

I realize I have been a gypsy for about the last three years, and was not sure or expecting to return to this place which I could always call "home." Through the weave of amazing moments, beautiful nature, interesting encounters/connections as well as plenty of hardships, I have experienced, learned, healed and grew so much during this period of time. It is like swimming through the richness and complexity of my inner self and the external world to come to a clearer understanding of ME. I am truly and forever grateful :")

From a new space and perspective, I am excited to return with fresh ideas in assisting on a bigger scale. As I feel very supported in moving forward, it is time to tap into my unlimited potential and make my dreams a reality. More on that later on ;)

I will be continuing my healing practice at Smile Thai Wellness, which you can email me to book an appointment. I also offer house calls and distance healing.

I look forward to the next stage and many blessings for all.