Friday, November 15, 2013

Time of Transition

Thanks to Shaeah for teaching lomi lomi temple style on Cortes..what a nice place and group of people to learn this special work!
I am leaving Cortes at the end of November so I am available for treatments here for only a couple more weeks.

Next up will be in Nanaimo/ Victoria between Dec 1-Dec 10. Please let me know if you would be interested in a session as I am considering the need to bring my massage table.

I will be in Vancouver to take a course in Somatoemotional Release 2 with Upledger during Dec 12-15 (more craniosacral training).

After that, I will be in good old Vancouver for the rest of the month. Please contact to book a session or just to say hi :)

One thing that has been showing up for me is offering transformational energy work through distance. I can be a facilitator for your healing no matter where you are located and it is just as powerful as in-person.

Other than that, I am feeling truly grateful for my experience and healing on Cortes Island once again on an even deeper level.  I have grown so much and getting more genuinely amazed at life. What comes out of that is I am getting better in the work I do and would love to share it and help others.  Things are happening very quickly in the most amusing way.

To sum up my current experience:

There is no need to worry about the future but to go with the flow of how the universe and its mystery unfold. I am amazed and amused at the gifts that are delivered as I am becoming more aligned with who I am and effortless in doing. Expect the unexpected. Life is supposed to be fun after all.