Thursday, November 1, 2012

In Vancouver

It took me quite some time to adjust to city life this round while integrating and shifting big time internally.

I have gone through one of the biggest healing times of my life, so I am more "me" now and excited to see how I approach everything in life in a new light. I would assume the quality of my work should skyrocket with more depth.

I am currently in Vancouver, available for treatments from now until December 27th (might be away for a little bit in November) before I head back up north to work at Last Frontier Heliskiing for a couple of weeks. Then, I will be back in Vancouver for a few weeks in January before I return to north again until April. Okay, sounds a little complicated? Anyways, just check with me :)

Treatments will take place at Smile Thai Wellness, a nice little gem in the heart of the city and on the top 3 of things to do in Vancouver on tripadvisor.

For those of you who have lower back issues: I am upgrading my skills once again in deep tissue techniques on the lower back and pelvis with Amaro from VSBM.

Look forward to connecting with you in raincity :)
muchappreciation (at) gmail (dot) com