Saturday, February 25, 2012

2012- The Beginning of My Adventure

After I left my home in Vancouver, I worked at Eco Chic Spa in Whistler for three weeks (short and sweet). It was nice to meet other fellow spa colleagues/ therapists and to check out a different scene/community. It was a great place for me to start getting to know the bodies of skiiers and snowboarders.


In February, I moved onto my next job with Last Frontier at Ripley Creek Inn in Stewart, BC. It is quite a feeling to be surrounded by big snowy majestic mountains. The weather is not as cold as what most people would think, at least it is a dryer kind of cold compared to Vancouver. I have been providing massages for heli- skiiers, staff and locals. My other main duty is to lead a 30 minute stretch class for the skiiers every morning. I was weary of my ability at first but I have been doing just fine. I get to meet people from all around the world because I eat my meals with the ever-changing roster of guests and staff. One of my highlights are my visits to Hyder, Alaska, which is only a few minutes drive from Stewart. The town and shops have a lot of character and the people are interesting with many stories to tell.

I am usually accustomed to the more chaotic way of city living, so this different pace of life has been enjoyable and relaxing.