Friday, August 19, 2011

Massage Life at a Remote 5 Star Resort

I have been very fortunate to join King Pacific Lodge as their spa therapist for the last half of their season. It is a floating 5 star resort located at around 2 hours flight up north from Vancouver in the great bear rainforest. The only way to get here is by float plane or boat. I find it very surreal to be in the middle of nowhere on the water with the maximum capacity of around 30 guests from all over the world. There are around 30 staff as well, who reside in another floating building next to the guest lodge. My schedule is accommodated to guests and I usually have time in between to venture out via boat, kayak or canoe. The nature I have experienced is by far one of the most amazing and pristine.

In terms of my massage practice, I have been growing exponentially. I am the only therapist here so I am in charge of my environment and treatments. I have been getting excellent feedback from guests which helps build my confidence since they have probably experienced massages from all over the world. When I am not busy with guests, I have a line up of staff waiting to get massages from me. I enjoy taking care of them since they work hard and it is a nice way for me to connect with them. Overall, I am flowing more and building stamina in my practice. I also feel that the non-physical part that is present in my sessions is growing bigger too. It is satisfying to know that my hard work is finally paying off. Even though at times I have mixed feelings about being here, I am actually really grateful for this opportunity.