Sunday, September 19, 2010

Karma Healing

I have decided to give up the current massage space and replace it with a roommate soon. I am not sure what my plan is for my private practice as of now. I might rent a room specifically for massage at some point later on. Meanwhile, I am available for mobile massage which would be a different rate than what is listed on the website. You may contact me for pricing or further inquiry. I am also currently working at pHresh Spa so you are very welcome to book an appointment with me there.

Before I find a roommate, I would like to offer "karma healing" to my friends. What it means is that I am doing a service out of my heart, and in terms of energy exchange, any amount of donation would be accepted.

I am making such an awesome offer because I would like to make massage and energy work more accessible to people since it can be seen as a luxury in the western world. I find that many people in Vancouver are struggling trying to make ends meet. It is an expensive city and the government takes most of your earnings so that they can do stupid things with it. You can work your butts off and still be living on the edge. My intention is to assist in your process of de-stressing so you can allow for everything to flow easily into your lives. Oh and of course, loosen up those muscles :). If you are more interested in personal growth and shifting stuff in your life then energy work would be a good option.

This offer is from now to end of September. My availability is mostly in the evenings but other times can be scheduled as well.

Book an appointment with me now at:
or 604-720-5673 

P.S. Contact me if you know someone decent who is looking for a place to live :)

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