Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Are you or do you know anyone who is pregnant?

I am seeking pregnant mamas because I have been certified in pregnancy massage over the past weekend! It was wonderful to learn in a class setting again and have my eyes opened to the science and miracles of child birth.

Child bearing is an intense and sensitive time for mamas physically and emotionally. It is such an important event in life that taking good care of self becomes priority for this transition. Receiving a safe relaxation massage can be beneficial in many ways:
  • reduce stress and promote relaxation
  • improve circulation
  • become more centered and connected to the body
  • feel nurtured and more supported emotionally
I have talked with a mama today who just had her second child three months ago. She mentioned that receiving regular massages during her second pregnancy had made a huge difference compared to no massages during her first one.

Book an appointment with me for a  Pregnancy Relaxation Massage infused with Reiki. The energy of Reiki is gentle, loving, nurturing, and intelligent. It would not cause any harm and goes where it needs to go to harmonize on many levels.

$65 for 60 minutes
$85 for 90 minutes

Please contact for mobile rates.

Book an appointment with me now at:
or 604-720-5673

Karma Healing will end as of September 30th. Take advantage of this wonderful offer while you can!

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